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The passing of a loved one can cause us to experience a wealth of powerful emotions, from shock and numbness to anger and depression. In this article, we’ll talk about the various stages of coming to terms with a loss and how grief counselling can help you achieve this. 

It’s important to remember that bereavement, loss, and grief are natural parts of life and that everybody experiences these at some point in their lives. Although losing somebody very close to you can be very agonising, bereavement counselling can help you mourn the loss of somebody that you love and help you gain a better understanding of the experiences and feelings you are going through. 

Can we Experience Grief after Losing Something Other than a Loved one?

It’s possible to experience grief and mourning not only after the passing of a loved one but also when we have lost something significant in our lives, such as a long-term job or a relationship. You may also need support after retiring and missing the daily presence of work colleagues in your life or after you’ve left a home you have cherished for many years. Bereavement and grief counselling can benefit you in a wide range of scenarios. 

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Grief Counselling Liverpool

A Grief Counsellor helping a lady who recently lost her husband.

What are the Signs and Symptoms that Someone may Experience when going Through the Process of Grieving and Loss?

Some of the symptoms of grief and loss include shock, numbness, the feeling of being in a daze, a sense of feeling abandoned, overwhelming sadness, denial, pain, anger, excessive crying, guilt, and depression. You may find it hard to comfort others who are grieving the same person as you and may find it very difficult to adjust to your new situation. You may also feel physically exhausted. 

You may also find that you have good days and bad days. One day, you may feel like you are coping well, but you may feel consumed by sadness the next. 

It’s important to remember that it’s normal to experience all the above symptoms, including ones that could be seen as negative. 

Some people experiencing bereavement feel anxious, concerned, or depressed about experiencing these thoughts and feelings. You may worry that it is wrong or weak to feel these emotions. However, it is perfectly normal to feel all of the above after a loss. 

Finding a Way Forward: The Process of Bereavement Counselling Explained

Bereavement counselling and therapy gives you the opportunity to talk openly about your thoughts and feelings. Talking to someone who cares helps you to overcome your grief and come to terms with your loss.

During bereavement counselling, you get the chance to talk about the person you have recently lost. You’ll get the opportunity to both talk about and explore your emotions without judgement or worrying about upsetting the person you’re talking to about your loss. 

Sometimes, you may use therapy as an opportunity to not discuss the specific person, but other things your loss may have had an impact on such as your relationships or career. 

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How Long Does It Take to Stop Grieving the Loss of Someone Close to You?

There is no time limit on grieving somebody or for using a bereavement counselling service. Some people talk to a counsellor days after a death, while others don’t seek out therapy for many years. It doesn’t matter how long ago your loss was – if you feel you need to talk to an experienced professional about it, it’s important to seek out help no matter when your loss occurred. 

If a young child loses a parent at a young age, the child may not fully understand until they are older. Child counselling can help children express how they feel instead of keeping it bottled up inside and causing further problems in the future.

Therapy for Grieving and Mourning the loss of Relationships, Jobs, or Other Life Events

You can experience grief related to things that some people may not associate with bereavement. Major life changes, such as the end of a relationship, can also cause someone to experience feelings of loss. Even if an individual hasn’t died, you may need to seek support after the death of something else that’s important in your life. 

You may even experience feelings of loss after the end of a relationship you were not happy in, especially if the relationship lasted for a very long time. Even if you feel ending the relationship was the right thing to do, you may still struggle to cope with the emotions attached to these changes. It’s entirely normal to experience a sense of loss, even if you think ending the relationship was the right decision. 

This sense of grief is usually because of the loss of ideas and plans you were making together. You might have been making plans for the future with the other person, but that will not be happening now, or you may feel like the relationship played a big role in defining who you are. It’s important to remember that you are now in a stage of adjustment and transition – you have not lost your future. You simply need to adjust to your new life without the other person. 

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